How much are association dues?
$585 for lots with houses
$465 for unimproved lots

What do you get for the association dues?
The primary reason for the dues is to fund the required escrow to maintain the roads, and to provide for snow plowing and mowing.

What kind of Resort amenities do you get as part of lot and home ownership?
Resort amenities such as golf and skiing must be purchased.
Home owners may obtain a CRV Lodge  Pool Pass at:  The Olds Professional Centre office located in Schuss Village.  Please call in advance at 231-533-3950

What are the building requirements?
Building Requirements are found in the CRV Condominium Bylaws Article VI.   There you will find the Architectural requirements such as: Only Single private dwelling to be occupied by not more than one family, for residential purposes only, square footage, easements, building materials, driveways, landscaping, regulations, etc.

What kind of restrictions does the Association have?
Restrictions are found in Article VII of the CRV Condominium Bylaws. Examples of restrictions are: No lot in the condominium shall be used for other than single family residential purposes, annoyance, unreasonable noise, no offensive or nuisance activities, location of trash containers, pet restrictions, signs, house trailers,  boats, snowmobiles, trailers, etc.

What plans are there for developing the last phase of Cedar River?
The Resort has purchased most of the lots in the last phase, and there are no known objectives or plans for this property.

What mail services available to property owners in Cedar River?
The Post office does not deliver into the CRV Property.  Contact the Bellaire Post office for mail options

What trash service is available to Cedar River residences?
Individual homeowners may contract with Revolution Waste Solutions or GFL Environmental for residential pickup.

– Revolution Waste Solutions: (231)342-4142

– GFL Environmental: (231)258-9030

How solvent is the Homeowner’s Association?
The most significant risk of the Association is road maintenance. We are required by the Master Deed to fund an escrow account to maintain and replace roads as necessary. This escrow account is very healthy. In addition to dues, we have a cooperative, legal agreement with the other Cedar River associations – Slopeside, Golfside, The Lodge, and the Resort – to fund the escrow and maintain the roads, which includes snowplowing and mowing.